interactive programming of melodies

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The basic musical objects in Melrōse are:

Musical objects can be composed using:

Musical objects can be played using:



Notation Alternative Description
C4 ¼C,C,c quarter C octave 4
2E5 ½E5,½e5 Halftone (2 x ¼) E octave 5
1C   Full tone C octave 4
F# F♯,f♯ F sharp
G_ G♭ G flat
G. G. duration x 1.5
= = quarter rest
2= ½= half rest
1= 1= full rest
D+ d+ quarter D octave 4 MezzoForte
16E#.– 16e♯.– sixteenth E sharp duration x 1.5 Piano

Note dynamics

Notation Description
--- Pianissimo (pp)
-- Piano (p)
- MezzoPiano (mp)
0 Normal
+ MezzoForte (mf)
++ Forte (f)
+++ Fortissimo (ff)


Notation Description
C D E F 4 quarter tones
(C E) (d5 f5) 2 doublets
(1C 1E 1G) C Chord


Notation Description
C#5/m/2 C sharp triad, Octave 5, Minor, 2nd inversion
A/7 A Dominant seventh chord
E/M7 E Major seventh chord
G/m7 G minor seventh chord
1= No chord, a whole rest note


Notation Description
C5 C major scale, Octave 5
E/m E natural minor scale, Octave 4
G/M7 G major 7 scale, Octave 4


Notation Description
C/m D/m C minor followed by a D minor
(C3 C5) C major, Octave 3 together with a C major, Octave 5
E = E major followed by a quarter rest note