interactively programming melodies

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Melrōse program

The program melrōse is a Read–Eval–Print Loop (REPL) that produces or consumes MIDI. By entering statements using the language, melrōse will send out MIDI messages to any connected DAW.

Although it is possible to program directly using the command line interface of melrōse, it is much more convenient to use the Visual Studio Code editor with the Melrose Plugin which uses the HTTP API of the same running program.

program flags

You can start the program melrōse without any flags. You can use the following flags to change its behavior.

-http string
    address on which to listen for HTTP requests (default ":8118")
-i  string
    read a program from a file
-v  boolean
    verbose logging


Commands to control the program itself are prefix with a colon :. With :h you get the list of known commands.

line editing

The following line editing commands are supported on platforms and terminals that melrōse supports:

Keystroke Action
Tab Next completion
Shift-Tab (after Tab) Previous completion
Ctrl-A, Home Move cursor to beginning of line
Ctrl-E, End Move cursor to end of line
Ctrl-B, Left Move cursor one character left
Ctrl-F, Right Move cursor one character right
Ctrl-Left, Alt-B Move cursor to previous word
Ctrl-Right, Alt-F Move cursor to next word
Ctrl-D, Del (if line is not empty) Delete character under cursor
Ctrl-D (if line is empty) End of File - usually quits application
Ctrl-C Reset input (create new empty prompt)
Ctrl-L Clear screen (line is unmodified)
Ctrl-T Transpose previous character with current character
Ctrl-H, BackSpace Delete character before cursor
Ctrl-W, Alt-BackSpace Delete word leading up to cursor
Alt-D Delete word following cursor
Ctrl-K Delete from cursor to end of line
Ctrl-U Delete from start of line to cursor
Ctrl-P, Up Previous match from history
Ctrl-N, Down Next match from history
Ctrl-R Reverse Search history (Ctrl-S forward, Ctrl-G cancel)
Ctrl-Y Paste from Yank buffer (Alt-Y to paste next yank instead)