interactively programming melodies

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Due to increased restrictions and costs of releasing non-commercial packages for the Apple Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows plaform, I can only provide unsigned pre-build binaries for Apple Mac OSX. You can download a version from the published releases. Contact me if you want a commercial, signed and supported version.

Install from source

In order to work with melrōse on your operating system, the following components need to be installed:

Depending on your operating system, different steps are required.


brew install portmidi

See Brew for instructions on how to install brew on your Mac.

See the PortMidi for alternative installation instructions of portmidi.

Proceed with install melrōse


On Ubuntu / Debian

apt-get install libportmidi-dev

Proceed with install melrōse

Install Melrōse

You need to install the Go SDK for compiling the program on your machine.

go install

After installing both portmidi and melrōse, you can start the tool in a Terminal using:

$ melrose

If this command cannot be found then you need to add $GOPATH/bin to your PATH.

Melrōse plugin for Visual Studio Code

Currently, the melrōse plugin is not yet published on the Marketplace. You install the plugin from the Extensions overview in Visual Studio Code and open the .vsix file from your extracted download.